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Edited () at 2020-06-05 by Dylan Araps


Adding a page to the Wiki and integrating it into the home page/listing pages is
rather simple (albeit manual for the time being). This may be automated (to a
realistic extent) over time.

Copy an existing page or start from the @/page-template.txt and begin writing.
When you're ready to submit your page, the following steps must be followed.


1. Lines must not exceed 80 columns in width. This is a comfortable size for
   reading while not being too narrow for writing. This is a nice sweet spot.

2. Include references where applicable. [0]

3. Pages must be written in English and without error. If this Wiki would like
   to one day be known as a high quality resource, we must write to the best
   of our ability. [1]

4. Do not submit pull requests with spelling mistakes. These will be immediately
   closed. Do spend a minute spell checking your work prior. [2]

5. One space after each sentence.

6. Use only the 128 ASCII characters. [3]

[0] References work like this. Square brackets and a number in two locations.
    The build system will automatically link these together (via an anchor).

[1] Fixes to existing pages and suggestions are welcome. If you see anything
    low-quality, incorrect or in need of fixing, please submit edits.

[2] Exceptions are made for words which only exist in this technological bubble
    of ours. This is common sense.

[3] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ASCII

Adding a new category:

$ cd wiki
$ mkdir -p category
$ cp help/index.txt category

# Rewrite the index to match the new category.
$ vi category/index.txt

Page Creation

Adding a new page:

$ cd wiki
$ cp help/page-template.txt category/page-name.txt

# Start writing your page.
$ vi category/page-name.txt

# Update the category's index.txt to include the new page.
$ vi category/index.txt

# Update the Wiki's home page to include the new page.
$ vi index.txt


Dylan Araps (C) 2019-2020

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other countries.