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Subject Encryption support moved outside init
From    Dylan Araps <>
Date    Wed, 11 May 2020 03:21:09 +0100

Encryption support in the init scripts will be moved to an external
project. Development will happen at a quicker pace and be done by
members of the community (those who use encryption themselves).

This change also allows me to step back from writing/maintaining this
code. I don't personally use encryption (only on external drives) so
it's been a little tricky for me to approve changes by the community,
test changes, reproduce bugs, etc.

Supporting encryption is trickier than one would think. There's a lot
to support and hardly anyone supports the entire specification (most
likely only systemd).

The encryption code is now in good hands. The new maintainer really
cares about the boot-up/shutdown process as a whole. A large number of
improvements have come from his ideas (a lot of bug fixes too).

What this entails as a user of encryption is fairly simple (though
manual). Install the `kiss-encryption` package in a week's time when
the update will be released.

At the same time, the `baseinit` package will receive an update so be
sure to update the system prior to installing the package.

This manual process is why I have decided to delay the update and
inform users beforehand. Apologies for the inconvenience.

The `baseinit` update will also include some nice improvements to the
boot up process. Messages from the boot process will now be logged
to dmesg, the boot duration will be displayed at the end of the boot
process ("Boot completed in 2s...") and a myriad of bug fixes.

The source for the encryption code now lives here:



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